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We know Ed Wood was cursed as a filmmaker, but is the DVD of Tim Burton’s 1994 biopic similarly hexed? An Ed Wood special edition was shipped to stores in January, only to be recalled by Buena Vista shortly before its Feb. 3 street date — the second abrupt postponement in two years. Thousands of discs slipped out anyway, with fans canvassing the bonus material to guess the problem. Some speculated sensitivity over a deleted scene where Martin Landau — an Oscar winner for playing Bela Lugosi — rails against ”those bastards at Universal” hoarding the Dracula rights. More credible recall rumors center on a possible failure to clear rights to, say, ”Que Sera, Sera,” sung by Bill Murray in a meat locker during an outtake. But Burton’s rep claims content wasn’t an issue, and a studio source insists: ”They were just looking for a more opportunistic release date, probably fall.” And if you believe that, I’m really just carrying this pink angora sweater for my wife.