Gary Susman
March 10, 2004 AT 05:00 AM EST

The six Friends stars are about to move out into the real world and get jobs, but three of them won’t be going far from home. In addition to hiring Matt LeBlanc for the ”Joey” spinoff, NBC has lined up some temp work for Lisa Kudrow and David Schwimmer, according to the Hollywood Reporter. Kudrow will reunite with Paul Reiser, on whose ”Mad About You” she got her big break as the less-than-helpful waitress Ursula. (That led to her casting on ”Friends,” whose writers decided to make Phoebe the twin sister of Ursula.) Now, Kudrow is poised to return the favor by appearing in a guest role on the Reiser-produced pilot ”My 11:30.” The show stars Jeff Goldblum as a New York playboy who seeks counsel from a no-nonsense psychiatrist. It’s not clear whether Kudrow would play the shrink, since her participation sounds like a one-shot deal; she’s already plenty busy as the producer of a workplace sitcom pilot for CBS starring ”Friends” regular Aisha Tyler.

Schwimmer’s new gig is called ”Nevermind Nirvana.” The title suggests a show about Kurt Cobain’s breakthrough album, but it’s actually a sitcom pilot about an Indian-American guy (Kal Penn, of ”All About the Andersons”) whose tradition-minded family is uneasy about his engagement to a Caucasian woman, played by ”Adaptation”’s Judy Greer. (Guess the title ”My Big Fat Indian Wedding” sounded too derivative.) Schwimmer will serve as director and executive producer. It’s one of two NBC comedy pilots Schwimmer is helming; the other is ”Buffy” alum Alyson Hannigan’s family comedy ”Home & Hardware.” Schwimmer has a production deal with the network, but there’s no word on whether NBC has any other shows with alliterative titles for him to direct.

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