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Clown College

Hollywood starlets are falling all over themselves for a laugh.

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It’s hard to be a young actress in Hollywood these days: Not only do you need a shapely rear, but you have to fall on it. A lot. We turned to Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey’s Prince of Laughter, David Larible, to rate these bratfalls (5 is the best).

Amanda Bynes (What a Girl Wants) THE FALL Trips on the runway PRINCE OF LAUGHTER SAYS ”Technically it was very good. She was falling forward and left her hands up. It’s almost like a cartoon.”


Hilary Duff (The Lizzie McGuire Movie) THE FALL Trips on the red carpet PRINCE OF LAUGHTER SAYS ”Being funny with your body doesn’t necessarily mean being goofy. This was subtle. Very cute.”


Mandy Moore (Chasing Liberty) THE FALL Trips backward over parked motorcycle PRINCE OF LAUGHTER SAYS ”The situation was a bit cliche, but she does a very good job with a difficult fall anyway.”


Lindsay Lohan (Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen) THE FALL Rides bike into tree PRINCE OF LAUGHTER SAYS ”If she did it, she was very bruised at the end of the day.” [Ed. note: Good eye! It was a stunt double.]


Jennifer Garner (13 Going on 30, out in April) THE FALL As a teen in an adult body, flips over a wall PRINCE OF LAUGHTER SAYS ”I like the contrastshe’s pretty, but her movements are silly and funny.”