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Mambo Italiano

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Full of good intentions but light on laughs, Mambo is the latest to join the Greek chorus of eardrum-piercing ethnic comedies. When it comes to neuroses, twentysomething Angelo (Luke Kirby) is the Italian Allen: He’s saddled with a dead-end job, overbearing parents, and a shrink-swapping older sister. But Woody never had to come out of the closet. After Mama and Papa (Ginette Reno and Sorvino) learn their bambino is omosessuale, slapstick — and some hearty slaps upside the head — ensues, and no stereotype is left untouched. (Does every gay man strut around in skintight clothing?) And Angelo’s romance with conflicted childhood pal Nino (Peter Miller) generates as much heat as a frozen lasagna. Despite the film’s lively gesticulating, you’ll fuhgeddaboudit as soon as the credits roll.