Nancy Miller
February 13, 2004 AT 05:00 AM EST

When Tracy, an anxious, socially ambitious seventh grader (played by ”Once and Again”’s Evan Rachel Wood) befriends popular troublemaker Evie (Nikki Reed), sex, drugs, and shoplifting soon follow. But Catherine Hardwicke’s critically acclaimed feature debut, Thirteen, is no after-school special from hell. It’s a brutal, brilliant family drama with astonishing performances by Wood, newcomer Reed (who coscripted with Hardwicke), and the Oscar-nominated Holly Hunter as Melanie, Tracy’s rapidly unraveling bohemian mother. EXTRAS After a film of such documentary-like rawness, Wood and Reed’s giggly anecdotes on the commentary track are a relief. Also features 10 deleted scenes, including a poignant moment between Tracy and her concerned older brother, Mason (Brady Corbet).

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