Monica Mehta
February 13, 2004 AT 05:00 AM EST

Though Sylvia Plath’s psychological demons eventually caused her to take her own life, she was also an extremely gifted, influential American poet. You wouldn’t know it from Christine Jeffs’ dreary biopic, which centers on her troubled relationship with husband Ted Hughes (Craig) and ignores most other aspects of her life. Paltrow — who plays Plath as imaginatively as possible considering the one-dimensional character she’s been saddled with — must spend countless scenes throwing temper tantrums, sobbing uncontrollably, and staring morosely into space. We learn nothing of her numerous literary successes or the passion of a poet whose words rose beyond the strict conventions of their time; instead, we get a gloomy little film with a made-for-TV-movie script. EXTRAS None.

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