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Oscar 'Cold' Cuts

For best song, it’s hold the ‘toons

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”Hillbillies Trounce Bears” could’ve been the headline for this year’s best-song Oscar contenders. For the first time in seven years, no animated-kid-pic theme got a nod (sorry, Brother Collins). Disney’s loss was Miramax’s gain, as both of Cold Mountain’s original Alison Krauss-crooned tunes — the Sting-penned ”You Will Be My Ain True Love” and the Elvis Costello/T Bone Burnett collaboration, ”The Scarlet Tide” — made the cut… even after the studio chose the Sting number as their ad campaign’s ain true priority. The double nod marks the first time two songs from the same movie performed by the same nonacting singer have been up for the award. ”I was completely astounded,” says first-time nominee Costello, whose ”Tide” plays over the end credits. ”I assumed all the attention had gone to the [Sting song], which is beautiful and, heaven knows, more featured in the body of the film.” That’s no accident, says previous two-time nominee Sting. ”I approached [director] Anthony Minghella and said, ‘I’d love to write a song…but I want to propel the story in some way, and I don’t want it to be at the end of the film.’ Because,” he laughs, ”I get tired of singing while people are putting their coats on.”