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The Boob Tube Shock-O-Meter

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It’s no secret that the Janet/Justin pop-out was a staged spectacle, but it’s merely the latest example of a busty celeb using her assets to gain a little, shall we say, exposure. Let’s see how these other would-be jaw-droppers stack up. — Karyn L. Barr

Drew Barrymore The former wild child went wild again in 1995, flashing David Letterman for his b-day.

Lil’ Kim A daring pastie prompted an onstage grope from Diana Ross at the 1999 VMAs.

Courtney Love The rocker’s John Galliano gown was trashy but typical at the 2000 Golden Globes.

Jennifer Lopez The Grammy dress that put J. Loand double-stick tape — on the map in 2000.

Heidi Strobel With Survivor pal Jenna Morasca, she stripped for peanut butter — and a gig with Playboy in 2003.