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Explain Yourself!

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Come this Valentine’s Day, there’s one song you definitely won’t want to play for your honey: ”F**k It,” a twisted take on the R&B breakup ballad by Staten Island singer Eamon. Currently the No. 1 single in the country, ”F**k It” flip-flops between naive adolescent heartbreak and ridiculously incongruous venom. Is it a sexist rant or an ex-fueled lament? We asked the 20-year-old crooner to break it down.

EW Is ”F**k It” based on a real experience?

EAMON Yeah, it’s this girl I used to go with when I was 16…and she was doing these things behind my back.

EW Did you actually cuss her out like you do in the song?

EAMON Yeah, I did. I’m pretty crazy; it was probably a lot worse than that.

EW You call her a ‘ho.’ That’s pretty harsh…

EAMON You think I went too far? I don’t think so at all…. [She] goes behind my back and gives somebody [oral sex]?… If that’s not a ho, I don’t know what a ho is.

EW Did you ever think about calling the song ”Gosh Darn It” or ”Fudge It”?

EAMON Never…the whole concept of the song is f — – it, I don’t give a f — -, just f — – it, meaning f — – the relationship, f — – what the people will think of me, just f — – it, f — – everything, ya know?