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Here's what the cast of ''Friends'' is up to this week

Here’s what the cast of ”Friends” is up to this week. David Schwimmer will direct Alyson Hannigan’s new sitcom, and Jennifer Aniston talks about parenthood and plastic surgery

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David Schwimmer
David Schwimmer: Danny Feld

IN THE CARDS Ross, meet Willow. Now that ”Friends” has taped its final episode, David Schwimmer is already lining up new jobs, Variety reports. One of them is directing the NBC sitcom pilot ”Home and Hardware,” starring ”Buffy the Vampire Slayer” alumna Alyson Hannigan as a young woman whose estranged brother re-enters her life. The guy who portrayed a synthesizer-playing techno-geek and the woman who played a flute-wielding band-camp nerd ought to get along fine.

First, however, Schwimmer will star in the big-screen indie movie ”Duane Hopwood,” Variety reports. He’ll play an alcoholic Atlantic City casino employee who’s trying to put his life back together. Janeane Garofalo and Judah Friendlander (”American Splendor”) will costar in the film, which shoots on location in New Jersey in February.

‘ROOM’ FOR IMPROVEMENT ”Home and Hardware” might describe two of Jennifer Aniston’s current preoccupations. She tells Allure magazine, in a cover interview in the current issue, that she and Brad Pitt have built a huge nursery in their perpetually under-renovations Beverly Hills home. ”We call it The Room,” she says. ”Brad?s waited a long time for kids.”

With ”Friends” finally over, Aniston and Pitt are ready to get to work making babies — she calls his performance in that department ”fabulous,” by the way. She also tells Allure she’s not averse to some cosmetic renovation of her own once she hits her 40s (she’ll be 35 next month). ”Sure, I?d have a facelift. Absolutely!” she says. ”But there are some women who have gone way too far. Some look like the Grinch.” In other words, she doesn’t mind making movies with Jim Carrey, she just doesn’t want to resemble him.