Owen Gleiberman
January 16, 2004 AT 05:00 AM EST

Frustrated by a Thanksgiving visit to a suburban megaplex, I concluded the Dec. 19 Ask the Critic by posing this question to readers: What movie have you most wanted to see that never arrived? The responses were numerous, passionate, and surprising. Here’s a taste:

I was eager to see ”The Singing Detective,” ”Assassination Tango,” ”Swimming Pool,” ”The Magdalene Sisters,” and ”Buffalo Soldiers,” but they never showed at Richmond theaters. — Maria Wallace

The one movie that I really wanted to see this year but that, alas, has not arrived is ”Sylvia.” — Rebecca Knighton, Anchorage

We never had a chance to see ”Lost in Translation” or ”Bend It Like Beckham,” but the film we most wanted to see was ”Mystic River.” It never came, and the theaters weren’t even half filled for the second week of ”The Matrix Revolutions.” Enough said? — Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Cocking

”Bus 174,” where are you?! — Nick Walker

I live in a big city (Columbus, Ohio), but ”Blue Car” never made it here. — Sara Stoner

”American Splendor.” Couldn’t they have sacrificed one showing of ”Pirates of the Caribbean” for this? — Steven Scott

Living in the sixth-largest city in the United States, you’d think that I’d be able to see just about any independent movie made. Au contraire. The top three films on my ”must see” list that I didn’t get to see: ”Elephant,” ”Wonderland,” ”Bubba Ho-Tep.” — Dan Coker, Phoenix

I live in Lawton, Okla., a city of 90,000 plus. The movie I most wanted to see that never arrived was ”Mystic River.” This is incredible to me and my friends. — Linda Clevering

No more than 30 minutes before sitting down with the latest EW, my coworkers and I were discussing how unfair it was that ”Lost in Translation” never made it to Joplin, Mo. — Robin Rogers

I wanted to see ”Shattered Glass,” but it is nonexistent in the Lansing/Grand Rapids, Mich., area. — Dana Schelter

I live in Las Vegas, and we’re well represented on independent films. But ”Lilya 4-Ever” never played here. — Bill Payne

”City of God” never made it onto a screen anywhere near me, and that is my biggest disappointment of the year. — Justin Harlacher, York, Pa.

The one I missed totally was ”A Mighty Wind.” Had to see it on pay per view! — Nancy McLaughlin, New Mexico

I was looking forward to the French film ”Swimming Pool.” I could have done without multiple screens of ”Terminator 3” or ”Legally Blonde 2.” — Lindsay Gobin

I wanted to see ”Thirteen,” but it never came to Longview, Wash. — Patti Mortimer

”The Cooler.” I could find not a single showing in all of Oklahoma. — Chris Williams

I anxiously waited for ”Personal Velocity” to arrive in Minneapolis, but it never came. I rented it, but I wish I could have seen it in the theater. — Melissa Greenwood

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