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''Bachelor'' Bob faces lawsuit from producers

”Bachelor” Bob faces lawsuit from producers. ”The Bachelor”’s producers sue star Bob Guiney, accusing him of violating an exclusivity agreement

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”The Bachelor” star Bob Guiney’s music career is finally getting some attention, but it’s probably not the kind he wanted. The producers of the show have sued Guiney and his record company to stop them from promoting his CD, ”3 Sides,” according to the Associated Press. And Syndicated Productions Inc. claims that Guiney is violating an exclusivity clause that requires him to get the company’s permission before he promotes non-”Bachelor” products, the wire service reported.

The suit asks for monetary damages, and requests that Guiney stop making promotional appearances for the CD, according to AP, who couldn’t reach Wind-Up Records for comment. The soft-rock album is packed with love songs, including ”Girlfriend,” on which Guiney mewls: ”Would you bring me my girlfriend and a bottle of wine?” Looks like he’ll have to settle for a subpoena.