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Jim Mullin's Hot Sheet for the week of Dec 19 2003

The 10 hottest topics of the week

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Jim Mullin’s Hot Sheet for the week of Dec 19 2003

1 HOLIDAY DEPRESSION Instead of happy and cheerful, the holidays make some people sad and bad-tempered. Those people are called salesclerks.

2 THE YULE LOG Some TV stations run a tape of a roaring fire during the holidays. Others stopped when the log demanded a raise and its own trailer.

3 HOLIDAY MUSIC Jesus called. He said he prefers klezmer.

4 HOLIDAY LIGHTS How much is enough? If you can see your front lawn’s little town of Bethlehem from outer space it’s too much.

5 CHRISTMAS TV SPECIALS A Kid Rock Christmas? What’s next? A WWE Christmas Smackdown? Britney Spears Goes A-Caroling Naked?

6 MALL PARKING Have you noticed that the bigger the SUV, the closer they park to the entrance? For rugged outdoorsmen, they sure hate to hike.

7 HOLIDAY FOOD Once again, the hot dish this year is turduckena turkey that’s stuffed with a duck that’s been stuffed with a chicken. And you’re going to keep eating it until we find my Rolex.

8 OFFICE PARTIES Oh, what fun, getting drunk with your boss! Office parties are to real parties what industrial parks are to real parks.

9 THAT SPECIAL GIFT There are three things you never want to see on a Christmas present: ”one size fits all,” ”fun for all ages,” and ”removes unwanted hair.”

10 FRUITCAKE If cockroaches will be the only survivors after a nuclear war, this is what they will eat.