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Big Champagne’s Top Swaps The most popular songs on file-sharing networks!

FUN FACT! Nelly’s men’s clothing line, Vokal (”Very Organized Kids Always Learning”), now has a sister line, Apple Bottoms, for girls with…well, you know.

1 ”HEY YA!” OutKast 4,364,180* 2 ”RIGHT THURR” Chingy 3,112,013 3 ”THE WAY YOU MOVE” OutKast feat. Sleepy Brown 3,092,465 4 ”WHERE IS THE LOVE?” Black Eyed Peas 2,948,168 5 ”BABY BOY” Beyonce Knowles feat. Sean Paul 2,899,880 6 ”SHAKE YA TAILFEATHER” Nelly, P. Diddy, and Murphy Lee 2,899,860 7 ”IN DA CLUB” 50 Cent 2,756,719 8 ”CRAZY IN LOVE” Beyonce Knowles 2,693,479 9 ”MAGIC STICK” Lil’ Kim 2,683,705 10 ”IGNITION” R. Kelly 2,518,702 11 ”STACY’S MOM” Fountains of Wayne 2,401,424 12 ”P.I.M.P.” 50 Cent 2,360,596 13 ”HERE WITHOUT YOU” 3 Doors Down 2,249,644 14 ”GET BUSY” Sean Paul 2,193,875 15 ”PERFECT” Simple Plan 2,138,678

*Number of people sharing this song; for the week ending 12/01/03

Top 10 Sessions@AOL

1 CLAY AIKEN FUN FACT! The American Idol runner-up is a good loser and a good person! His Bubel/Aiken Foundation helps people with autism and other disabilities. 2 SARAH MCLACHLAN 3 G-UNIT 4 HILARY DUFF 5 50 CENT 6 R.E.M. 7 MANDY MOORE 8 BLINK-182 9 ALICIA KEYS 10 COLDPLAY

For the month of December

Pollstar’s Top 10 Tours [Per-Show Average Gross]

1 BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN & THE E STREET BAND $3,487,342 2 SIMON & GARFUNKEL $2,051,144 3 AEROSMITH/KISS $1,240,482 4 DAVE MATTHEWS BAND $1,215,591 5 SHANIA TWAIN $1,147,590 6 FLEETWOOD MAC $842,256 7 CHER $747,371 FUN FACT! The lovelorn Cherilyn Sarkisian LaPierre Bono Allman fulfilled her diva destiny by legally chopping her name down to Cher in 1979. 8 RADIOHEAD $713,212 9 LUIS MIGUEL $641,500 10 JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE/CHRISTINA AGUILERA $575,345

For the week ending 11/23/03

VH1 Soul

1 ”MILKSHAKE” Kelis 2 ”STEP IN THE NAME OF LOVE” R. Kelly 3 ”COMIN’ FROM WHERE I’M FROM” Anthony Hamilton 4 ”THE WAY YOU MOVE” OutKast feat. Sleepy Brown 5 ”FALLEN” Mya 6 ”CHANGE CLOTHES” Jay-Z 7 ”FORTHENIGHT” Musiq 8 ”PARTY TO DAMASCAS” Wyclef Jean feat. Missy Elliott 9 ”NOT TODAY” Mary J. Blige feat. Eve FUN FACT! Similar to 1980s finds Tiffany and Debbie Gibson, Blige was discovered in a mall, while singing Anita Baker’s ”Caught Up in the Rapture” at a karaoke studio. 10 ”SHOW ME YOUR SOUL” P. Diddy, Pharrell Williams, and Lenny Kravitz

For the week ending 11/23/03