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Adam Ain't

Joe’s Schmo Is Over Reality TV

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Now that Average Joe bachelorette Melana Scantlin has chosen sexy waiter Jason Peoples over sweet (if average-looking) stock trader Adam Mesh, will the crowd-pleasing runner-up pull a Bob and star in a reverse spin-off? Mesh says he’s gotten no offers — and isn’t sure he wants any. ”Everybody loved Bob on The Bachelorette, but once he became the Bachelor, he completely blew the reputation he’d built up,” says the 28-year-old New Yorker of his kiss-happy counterpart. ”I wouldn’t do something just to be on TV, especially not for free.” Instead, Mesh is finishing a novel — and dating a woman he met pre-Melana. But he has one modest proposal for furthering his TV career: ”I’d like to get the Friends spin-off. I could be Average Joey.”