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Early ''Survivor'' bets raise doubts

Early ”Survivor” bets raise doubts. More than 15 people placed bet on ”Survivor” winner Sandra Diaz-Twine ? before the show aired

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Sandra Diaz-Twine, Survivor: Pearl Islands
Survivor Pearl Island: Monty Brinton

An Antigua-based bookmaker halted bets on ”Survivor” after more than 15 people placed bets that Sandra Diaz-Twine would win this season — before even the first episode had aired. Simon Noble, CEO of Antigua-based bookmaker BetWWTS.com, told the Associated Press that he believed that the early bettors — all from the Vancouver, British Columbia, area — had gotten access to inside information. ”It’s either an insider from CBS or a friend of Sandra’s,” he told the wire service.

Diaz-Twine has long been aware that she was one of the top two contenders, but didn’t discover until Sunday that she won, according to AP. She denied that she had given away any secrets, an act that would have forfeited her prize. ”I wanted the money,” she told the wire service. ”I didn’t want to to screw that up. I suffered too much out there.”

Meanwhile, CBS spokesman Chris Ender told AP that it was possible advance information had slipped out. ”We take security very seriously on ‘Survivor,’ but obviously you’re never going to ensure that something is not leak-proof,” he said. So bookies, beware.