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''Pirates of the Caribbean'' sets video sales record

”Pirates of the Caribbean” sets video sales record. The Johnny Depp adventure moves 11 million units its first week, more than any live-action movie ever

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Pirates of the Caribbean: Elliott Marks

”Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl” continues to be everyone’s favorite aarrrgh-rated movie. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the Johnny Depp adventure sold 11 million DVDs and VHS tapes during the film’s first week on home video, setting a record for a live-action movie. (The previous live-action first-week record belonged to another equally unlikely action hero, Tobey Maguire, whose ”Spider-Man” sold 10 million copies during its first week in stores in 2002.) ”Pirates” plundered an estimated $240 million in sales and rentals, Disney announced. Add to that its treasure chest the $304 million it already earned at the box office, and you have to wonder about the entertainment industry’s stand against piracy now.