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Trailer Park

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TROY O…dysseus! That’s a thousand friggin’ ships! It certainly looks Homeric in scale. But a bit of Ol’ No Eyes poetry might have added gravitas to the humdrum voice-over. B

HARRY POTTER AND THE PRISONER OF AZKABAN The slow-cut, revelatory feel — aided by a Tim Burton-ish children’s chorus — enchants. G’bye, Columbus, y tu pratfalls tambien! A-

50 FIRST DATES Standard Sandler — Rob Schneider and a penguin get abused — but these scenes hint at some heart in his reteaming with ”Wedding Singer” costar Drew Barrymore. C+

SHREK 2 Three words: Puss in Boots. The fey feline cuts a fine figure in this cavalcade of sharp showbiz gags and middling CGI. But must they use Smash Mouth’s ”All Star” again? B-

THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW Supertornadoes aside, the money shot is an icy cousin to ”Deep Impact”’s big wave. New York hasn’t seen this much powder since the ’80s.