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After Michael Jackson’s arrest for child-molestation charges, his lawyer announced that the singer is ”outraged” at the charges and ”looks forward to getting into a courtroom” to prove his innocence. As the case continues, EW.com will post the latest details. Plus, stay informed about other entertainment headlines every weekday at ew.com/news.


Don’t complain about lousy TV till you do something to preserve the good shows — like watching them. We guide you to the underrated gems, including Miss Match, starring Alicia Silverstone, at ew.com/tvbest.


Cool it, Santa. All we really want for the holidays is to see the meaty movies that are coming our way (including Cold Mountain, with Nicole Kidman). We count down the biggies and tell you what to expect at ew.com/holidays.

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”With Meryl…you know that she too is looking out for you, even


”With Meryl…you know that she too is looking out for you, even though she’s doing her role. It really helped me a great deal,” says Pacino.

”There are certain things that come along that you don’t even get a vote on. This material, its ambition, the people involved — irresistible,” says Streep.