Jennifer Armstrong
November 28, 2003 at 05:00 AM EST

”The O.C.”’s ancestors include everything from ”90210” to ”Say Anything”…, and the arrival of 23-year-old Samaire Armstrong as Anna — the punky blonde pining for Adam Brody’s Seth — has us recalling another iconic teen drama, ”Some Kind of Wonderful.” EW did some recon on the latest actress to embrace the Mary Stuart Masterson-mastered tomboy-competing-with-babe-for-sensitive-guy role. Where you’ve seen her before As half of ”Not Another Teen Movie”’s Siamese twins. ”We were attached at the head for, like, 16 hours,” she says. ”We had to go to the bathroom together and all that stuff.” Her work ethic ”You can’t act that you’re excited about kissing — you’ve gotta get into it,” Armstrong says of smooching Brody. ”I don’t really have a type, but he’s definitely boyfriend quality.” Why she thinks Anna has a chance over Summer ”I did a pilot, and I’m possibly doing this movie where [the plot is] the same thing: I’m the best friend, and he likes this other girl. And life imitates art — I fell in love with my male best friend [in real life], and we’re dating now.”

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