November 28, 2003 at 05:00 AM EST

The Touch

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Colleen Mccullough
We gave it a B

Somehow, McCullough (”The Thorn Birds”) can write sentences like the following without forcing a reader’s eyes into the back of her head — permanently: ”’Oh, Alexander, we are doomed!’ she cried. ‘I can’t love you, and you are beginning to hate me!”’ That’s thanks to the pure glee the author takes in telling a sprawling epic story. Elizabeth is 16 when she’s sent from Scotland to marry the rich (natch) gold-mine owner, Alexander, in New South Wales. Alexander and Elizabeth aren’t devoted to each other — his true love is an ex-prostitute who’s also Elizabeth’s best friend — which leaves our heroine open for a little lusting of her own. While the story isn’t exactly a roller coaster of thrills — it’s composed mostly of family and small-town dramas, accessorized with the mandatory jewels and bustling silk of romance novels — ”The Touch” is still wholly engaging. Skip the guilt, and just enjoy.

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