EW Staff
November 21, 2003 AT 05:00 AM EST

They’ve got the power! Our list of Hollywood’s strongest players, and the cover’s flame-haired topper (#734, Oct. 24), electrified readers. ”Kudos to EW for recognizing Nicole Kidman’s talent and range,” raves Romel Adam of Glendale, Calif. ”It’s refreshing to see an actress’ power not automatically equated with her box office clout, but with her power over her craft.” Redheaded idol Clay Aiken also generated plenty of heat with missives from fans upset by our review. ”David Browne gripes that Measure of a Man sports a song for every occasion including showing support for a friend and reveling in romance,” notes Lauren Kleinfeldt of Glendale, N.Y. ”These things are the essence of life, and Aiken is sending out a positive message when it’s needed most.” Stephen King’s sympathy for paparazzi-stalked stars, however, fell on deaf ears. CeeCee Brooks of Gardena, Calif., says, ”Celebrities forfeited their right to privacy when they picked up that first big paycheck.” Oh, the high price of fame.

Power Factor

Your Power Issue has always been a favorite…especially seeing who reigns supreme each year. This year no one is more deserving of being No. 1 than Jerry Bruckheimer. However, you have denied him his greatest coup of 2003 — his Emmy award for Outstanding Reality/Competition Program for The Amazing Race. This is just the icing on his already supersize cake! BENNETT CHIN tvismylife@hotmail.com Burnaby, British Columbia

I would never suggest that Keanu Reeves belongs on your most-powerful list, but I’m surprised that you didn’t at least mention that his paycheck this year will be more than $140 million for the two Matrix sequels. That kind of money takes some kind of power! HUGH MCCURLEY macbigger@earthlink.net Los Angeles

Come on, EW…. I have lost track over the years of how many times I have read about Madonna’s career being over. Time and again she proves everyone wrong. Madonna’s career is over when she decides it is. KEVIN JOSEPH DOLAN KDolan9248@aol.com Pittsburgh

What, exactly, is your definition of power? Colin Farrell has never had the ”power” to get me to see one of his movies. With the cinematic masterpieces S.W.A.T., Phone Booth, and Daredevil aside, most people only know Farrell because of his wild ways. And if that’s all it takes to be No. 46 on your Power list, then I guess we can expect to see the Hilton sisters at No. 1 next year. BRIAN WELCH Grayslake, Ill.

No, not again! Once a year my favorite magazine wastes everyone’s time with the annual big-yawn Power Issue. Esoteric and meaningless. nobody cares one whit about this list, except perhaps those who are on it. RICK MAY kirklandct@juno.com Kirkland, Wash.

Porn Identity

Jenna Jameson is an author and reigning queen of the porn industry, and now national television wants her (”Woman On Top”). here is one of those women who come upon the scene and you realize that they should have been mainstream Hollywood from the beginning. Hopefully, America can forget the Vivid past of the Sin City lass! EDWARD FRANK EVERY efevery@verizon.net New Brunswick, N.J.

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