EW Staff
November 21, 2003 AT 05:00 AM EST

Two years after saving the world from temporal chaos, alluring operative Lara Croft returns, now on the hunt for Pandora’s box in various exotic locales — fighting off a roaring shark near Santorini, parachuting an orb of crucial information to safety in Hong Kong. Yet the now-formulaic plot leaves little to the imagination, and the stale dialogue makes our sexy heroine seem more brawn than brains. Sadly, this Cradle does not rock. EXTRAS Making-of docs on the visual effects and Jolie’s weaponry and stunt training show what it takes to become a butt-kicking, gun-thrusting action figure. But much like the movie, the remaining features — including standard commentary, a few music videos, and an unenlightening screen test — offer little Life support.

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