Michelle Kung
November 21, 2003 AT 05:00 AM EST

In three voyages during the 1770s, Capt. James Cook charted enough Pacific islands to keep ”Survivor” running in perpetuity. If you’re too tired to navigate all 468 pages of Nicholas Thomas’ Cook, we’ve mapped some highlights.

— Searching for a southern continent during the winter of 1772, Cook and his crew didn’t find Antarctica — but braved the Antarctic Circle with inadequate clothing and no gloves.

— Long before body art became a sailor cliche, many on Cook’s crew agreed to be ”tataued” by the natives in Tahiti, enduring repeated (and painful) piercings from a row of fine teeth.

— After crashing his ship, the Endeavour, into Australia’s Great Barrier Reef in 1770, Cook made his most famous natural-history discovery: the kangaroo.

— In 1779, while kidnapping a Hawaiian king in an attempt to win back a stolen boat, Cook was fatally hit with a club, held underwater, beaten with stones, and stabbed by an angry mob.

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