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Where Jeff Corwin wants to be in five years

Here’s what this up-and-coming star plans to do next

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WHY HIM Animal Planet’s nature boy redefines, er, animal magnetism.

WHY NOW His book ”Living on the Edge” debuts Nov. 15.

Despite being bitten by a coral snake, charged by an elephant, and scratched by a leopard, Corwin never thought twice about spending his late 20s running with the world’s most feared (and deadly) creatures. ”I thought nothing could hurt me,” says the conservation biologist, whose TV career began in a 1994 documentary on Belize’s rain forests. At 36, the Massachusetts native still charms snakes on Animal Planet’s ”Jeff Corwin Experience” and tells all in his educational memoir, ”Living on the Edge: Amazing Relationships in the Natural World.” But he is thinking of taming his wild ways. ”I have a beautiful daughter [4-month-old Maya Rose], a wife, and a home. I now understand my limitations.” Though he has no immediate plans to leave TV, Corwin envisions a calmer life in, say, five years. ”I see myself as a quirky science professor at a New England college. But I refuse to be boring! I’ll be the teacher who makes you laugh.”