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A dating show with no hunks? Meet NBC's Average Joes

A dating show with no hunks?  It’s revolutionary! Meet the 16 plain-looking misfits who are competing for the love of a former beauty queen on NBC’s ”Average Joe”

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Melana Scantlin, Average Joe
Average Joe: Brian Kenison

Now that reality TV has brought us models dating actors, straight men dating gay men, and fake millionaires dating money grubbers, it’s time for an even wilder fantasy. On NBC’s ”Average Joe” (Mondays, 10 p.m.), Melana Scantlin (pictured), a former teen beauty queen and NFL cheerleader, dares to look for her match among a pack of 16 just-plain average Joes. Oh, the horror!

According to host Kathy Griffin, the show’s quirky romeos are ”the real men of America.” But don’t let her make that call. Check out the anti-studs on the following pages, and decide for yourself.