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'Edges of the Lord'

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Three years before moviegoers marveled at his growth spurt in ”Secondhand Lions,” Haley Joel Osment played a Jewish boy who hides out with a Catholic family in the WWII drama ”Edges of the Lord.” Miramax acquired director Yurek Bogayevicz’s low-budget indie in 2000 but has never set a U.S. release date, instead focusing on would-be blockbusters like last year’s ”Gangs of New York” and this winter’s ”Cold Mountain.” ”Their attention is on bigger fish,” says ”Edges” producer Philip Krupp. ”We’re like little Nemo.” (Miramax refused to comment for this story.) Osment’s father, Eugene, who also appears in the movie, suspects Miramax might not know how to market an R-rated Holocaust drama told from a child’s point of view, but neither he nor his son has gotten a straight answer from the studio’s co-chief: ”Haley called and asked to speak to Harvey [Weinstein] and was turned away.” Then again, he does that to everybody. — Bruce Fretts