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From the Cutting Room Floor

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SCHOOL OF ROCK scores big laughs even without these three scenes that star Jack Black and director Richard Linklater report didn’t make the final cut. — Steve Daly

THE BIRTHDAY PARTY introduced a brother, sister-in-law, and nephew for Black’s character, Dewey. He serenades the kid Hendrix-style on a double-neck guitar — amusing, but, says Linklater, ”it was in the way of him getting to the classroom.”

THE MAKE-OUT SCENE showed Principal Mullins (Joan Cusack) ”jumping my bones [in the van] and pushing the horn with her ass,” says Black. Problem? Audiences got confused when there was ”zero payoff” later on — so no nooky.

THE COUNSELOR SCENE, cut for pacing, featured Amy Sedaris as Mrs. Haynish, who believes Dewey has abused his students. ”She has a creepy anatomical doll,” says Linklater. ”Like, ‘Where did he touch you?’ We got pretty crazy with it.”