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Blue Car

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An English teacher (Strathairn) champions the poetry of a lonely teenage girl (Bruckner), but turns out to be a misguided mentor to her in an unsettling tale of lost innocence. First-time director Karen Moncrieff steers the precocious newcomer Bruckner down a road full of twists and turns, and the film is well worth the ride. EXTRAS Moncrieff’s commentary (she also penned the script), mostly detailing the ins and outs of shooting a low-budget flick, does little to enhance the trip. Her voice-overs focus on lighting challenges, time constraints, and dull, gushing praise for her cast, instead of providing any juicy behind-the-camera information. But the deleted scenes do offer intriguing insights — especially the final encounter between teacher and student, which underscores how their roles have shifted.