EW Staff
October 17, 2003 AT 04:00 AM EDT

What is it? The show lets viewers vote on cartoons they want to see, interspersing them with sketch comedy and celeb chats conducted in front of an audience by twentysomething hottie hosts Candace Bailey and Brent Popolizio. Why We Watch It’s easy to dismiss this as ”TRL” for tweens, but it’s closer to ”Saturday Night Live,” and more fun than both. The humor can be messy (cream pies and slime abound) and absurd (a guy in a cow costume does a deadpan interview with Brad Pitt). But the hosts are naturals: ”Am I insulting myself to say I get down on kids’ level easily?” says Popolizio, 28. And in a true TV rarity, the guests — including Jack Black and Adam Sandler — seem to have a blast. Says Survivor host and two-time visitor Jeff Probst: ”When you leave, you’re like, ‘Can we do some more?”’ — Jennifer Armstrong

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