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Sound Bites

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”Yesterday in Georgia, Jennifer Lopez accompanied Ben Affleck when he went to apply for a gun license. Reportedly, J. Lo told Ben, ‘This is just the kind of fun I used to have with P. Diddy.”’ CONAN O’BRIEN ON LATE NIGHT

”In case you boys haven’t noticed, I’m one prime-rib dinner away from sudden cardiac arrest.” ACTING PRESIDENT WALKEN (JOHN GOODMAN), EXPLAINING WHY HE WANTS TO CHOOSE A VICE PRESIDENTIAL SUCCESSOR, ON THE WEST WING

”I can’t believe I was in bed with Will. Ecccch. When I woke up and saw all that olive skin and furry body, I thought, ‘Please, God, let it be a giant furry olive.”’ JACK (SEAN HAYES) ON WILL & GRACE