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Some Of My Best Friends Are DJs

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Some Of My Best Friends Are DJs

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Kid Koala
Ninja Tune

We gave it a B+

In the chest-thumping world of hip-hop turntablism, KID KOALA is the resident nerd, flicking boogers and cracking jokes while the cool kids strut and pose. The Canadian wax spinner’s second album, SOME OF MY BEST FRIENDS ARE DJS, constructs goofy sonic collages that won’t get any parties started but will amaze you with their stunning is-it-live-or-is-it-turntable tricks. Full of musical puns — ”Flu Season” builds a groove from coughs and sneezes — Some repurposes old novelty records into funky vignettes that are dense with sound effects and odd juxtapositions. Never a fan of typical hip-hop boom-bap, Koala jumbles up jumpy ska (”Skanky Panky”), Hawaiian kitsch (”Vacation Island”), and woozy jazz (”Basin Street Blues”) into the perfect record for ADD-addled beat geeks.