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R.E.M. debuts new video on CNN

R.E.M. debuts new video on CNN. Aptly, the trio play newsmen in the ”Bad Day” clip

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Maybe this is how it is when musicians get older: Your video debuts not on MTV or even VH1 but on CNN. That’s where fans can catch R.E.M.’s latest, on Friday night’s edition of ”Anderson Cooper 360.” The song, ”Bad Day,” is taken from ”In Time,” a hits collection that’s due in stores on Oct. 28.

CNN execs may not be too pleased with the Tim Pope-directed clip, in which Michael Stipe, Peter Buck, and Mike Mills play newscasters on a screen that seems a parody of CNN’s Headline News, filled with zipping infographics and factoids. (The clip is also available at R.E.M.’s morningteam.com, a similarly busy-looking page that parodies news websites.) ”With all the crap that’s shoved into one TV channel, and the fact there are 10 or 12 of them all showing these little tidbits of information, how can you really get what you need?” bassist Mills tells Billboard.com. ”How do you find out what’s news and what’s entertainment and what’s important and what isn’t? We’re just sort of reflecting a bit of that. And it’s funny too.”