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September 12, 2003 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Tickled pink? Scared straight? Readers’ emotions ran the gamut over our cover story on Bravo’s Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, the tribute to legend Bob Hope, and horror-meister Stephen King’s new monthly column (#722, Aug. 8). ”I love Queer Eye!” raves Beverly Gregory of Palm Beach Gardens, Fla. ”These guys really care about the people they are transforming. I get caught up in the excitement of the results.” She’s not alone; however, more than 120 of you wrote to say that a certain centenarian comedian deserved a bigger story, not to mention the Fab 5’s front-and-center spot. ”The decision to put Queer Eye on the cover instead of the late Bob Hope boggles the mind,” says Jeff Slater of Kansas City, Mo. ”Hope was the entertainer, who spanned every medium in the industry.” But it’s King who got the most mail — more than 250 letters. ”Thank you for giving us Stephen King,” applauds Audrey David of White Plains, N.Y. ”At last, a writer who isn’t being sophomoric and pretentious.” Hey, no need to get personal!

‘Queer’ Factor

Loved your fabulous cover story on Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. The Fab 5 are terrific because underneath the snappy one-liners and the product plugs, they are not afraid to show they care about the men they are ”making better.” How refreshing that in this too-cynical world stressing traditional values, it takes five gay men to show us that life is happier when lived with heart! DAVID KUCHARSKI vze4gqc6@verizon.net Washington, D.C.

Buckets of kudos to you, EW, for putting the lovable and highly addictive cast of Queer Eye on your cover! And even more kudos to Nicholas Fonseca for his open-minded and accurate depiction of just how wonderful this gem of a reality show truly is. I can only hope that this endearing little program will help to open the millions of American minds, eyes, and hearts that continue to remain so defiantly closed to the gay lifestyle. SHANNON REILLY shannonkreilly@netzero.net Springfield, N.J.

I watch and enjoy Queer Eye. However, gaysploitation perpetuates the stereotype of mythic gay fabulousness. Trust me, not every gay man is good-looking; not every homosexual exfoliates. In the same way that Barbie dolls can teach girls to despise their bodies, this cliche of gay men being utterly fabulous becomes oppressive for the rest of us guys who aren’t. CLAY BALLARD Brooklyn

Once again, the men of this world get all the benefits. I want the Fab 5 to make me over, damn it! Equal rights and all that, I thought this was the 21st century. I don’t want to watch the men of this country having all the fun. I want in too! MELISSA CARMAN mcarman4@earthlink.net Watertown, Mass.

As a queer guy with a queer eye, I must say i am extremely disappointed in your cover. I get a kick out of Queer Eye as much as the next person, but putting these no-names on the cover the same week Bob Hope died is disrespectful to Mr. Hope and his amazing career. I expect a higher standard from my favorite magazine. PRESTON PARKER prestonparker70@yahoo.com San Francisco

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