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The scoop on Dido's sophomore album

THE NEW ALBUM ”Life for Rent” (Sept. 30)

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Dido: Marc Baptiste/Corbis Outline

The scoop on Dido’s sophomore album

HER STORY Atmospheric British chanteuse Dido initially had only modest success with her 1999 solo debut, ”No Angel.” But then Eminem, of all people, used a hefty chunk of the ballad ”Thank You” for his hit ”Stan,” and even cast Dido in its video (she was the battered wife). ”Thank You” subsequently became a hit for Dido, and ”No Angel” sold 3.6 million copies.

HER STATUS Like her debut, ”Rent” boasts production work from her brother Rollo (her former bandmate in the electronica act Faithless). If the first single, ”White Flag,” is any clue, the album should deviate little from the 32-year-old’s established formula — rich synthesizers and mildly funky beats under acoustic guitars and melancholy vocals.

SHE SAYS ”I’ve been winding up journalists left, right, and center,” Dido told Time International. ”[Telling them], ‘Maybe I’ll do a punk album now.’ And they’re like, ‘Oh, God, that Eminem’s really changed her!”’

VERDICT Unless 50 Cent suddenly decides he needs a new hook girl, Dido may have trouble reaching beyond the adult contemporary crowd this time around.