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The Worst Song I Ever Wrote

Hey, even Picasso passed off some stinkers

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THE PERPETRATOR The Chemical Brothers’ Ed Simons (left) THE PROOF ”It Began in Afrika” (from 2002’s ”Come With Us”) THE PLEA ”It was a big single, a big dance record, but it didn’t make our greatest-hits compilation just because it’s so annoying. It goes ‘Afrika-ka-ka’ — that’s the only vocal in it. It’s a sort of percussion, acid workout. It was a big record in clubs and we [performed] it for about four years, and every time I hear it I just shudder because there’s only so many times you can hear that booming ‘It began in Afrika-ka-ka!’ Just hearing it immediately bugs me. It was a great record for the summer, and that’s all it needed to be.”