September 01, 2003 at 04:00 AM EDT

Survivor: Pearl Islands

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Rupert Boneham, Tijuana Bradley, Shawn Cohen, Jon Dalton, Nicole Delma, Sandra Diaz-Twine, Trish Dunn, Christa Hastie, Darrah Johnson, Lillian Morris, Ryan Opray, Burton Roberts, Andrew Savage, Ryan Shoulders, Osten Taylor, Michelle Tesauro
Reality TV

Andrew Savage, a contestant on CBS’ upcoming ”Survivor: Pearl Islands,” knows all about turning competition, backstabbing, and occasional physical danger into entertaining unscripted TV. As an attorney, he used to represent ”The Jerry Springer Show.” ”Working for my show obviously qualifies you for survivorship,” the daytime host told the Chicago Sun-Times last week.

In 1999, Savage represented Springer during a Chicago City Council investigation into whether the fights between guests on Springer’s show were staged. Springer says he told Savage to whisper in his ear occasionally because it made for better theatrics in the council chamber. He calls the rugby-playing Savage ”a great guy. … He’s a very bright guy. He’s obviously athletic. I guess he’ll do fine.” The new ”Survivor” season debuts Sept. 18.

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