EW Staff
August 15, 2003 AT 04:00 AM EDT

”Saddam Hussein is getting desperate. Apparently, he just bought President Bush a $4 million ring.” CRAIG KILBORN ON THE LATE LATE SHOW

”When I’m cocky and confident, everything goes my way.” PARADISE HOTEL’S ZACK, BEFORE GETTING THE BOOT

”Her brains are in her panties…and she’s got the sex appeal of a buzzard’s crotch.” JACK, DISSING HOUSEMATE DANA, ON BIG BROTHER 4

”There’s no warning system. The ax comes down the first time you fart in the wrong direction.” WAITER TOPHER, COMPLAINING ABOUT HIS DRACONIAN BOSS, ON THE RESTAURANT

”Between trying to impeach Bill Clinton, Florida 2000, and the recall in California, I’m beginning to think that Republicans will do anything to win an election — except get the most votes.” BILL MAHER ON REAL TIME

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