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The Between Boyfriends Book

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The Between Boyfriends Book

Carrie Bradshaw may know good sex, but Cindy Chupack — an Emmy-winning writer and producer of ”Sex and the City” — is the woman responsible for many of her on-screen bons mots. Chupack’s wit is apparent in this collection of relationship essays, The Between Boyfriends Book, each cleverly titled with mock definitions of dating terms (e.g., ”CUPIDITY: The faulty logic that leads a well-meaning but clueless third party to believe that two random singles are perfect for each other”). And her breezy observations (sometimes too breezy; many of the essays originally ran in Glamour) are as hilarious as they are true. Chupack on dating married men: ”You realize…you are not, in fact, Julia Roberts. At best you’re one of the Arquette sisters — in for an act or two, a catalyst for someone else’s story.”