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Teen Choice Awards -- backstage with the stars

Teen Choice Awards — backstage with the stars. Ashton Kutcher, Jim Carrey, Kelly Clarkson, and a diminutive version of 50 Cent are among the celebrities making the scene

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Verne Troyer
Verne Troyer: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

With loudmouthed stars like Colin Farrell and Tom Green in attendance, the Teen Choice Awards could be expected to shock and awe. But the real surprise was an appearance by indicted Lakers guard Kobe Bryant, who won the award for Choice Male Athlete for the second year in a row. If other stars were happy to see the basketball player, they weren’t saying. “I’m going to Michael Jordan basketball camp this summer,” said rapper Lil Romeo. “So we’re not even talking about Kobe.”

Fortunately there were plenty of other distractions during the two hour awards show (it will air Wed., 8 p.m., on Fox). Host David Spade used much of his stage time to roast celebrities, cracking Jennifer Lopez butt jokes and taking pot shots at R. Kelly (neither of whom attended the show). But when Spade teased, “Easy, Tara Reid, that’s not a real bar,” the party-girl actress shot him a dirty look from the audience. Fortunately, 50 Cent was also a no-show, since Spade dubbed the rapper a “punk ass bitch.” But in 50 Cent’s honor, Verne Troyer (“Goldmember”‘s Mini Me) appeared as 5 Cent, rapping his own tiny-person-themed version of “In Da Club.”