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August 01, 2003 AT 04:00 AM EDT


Mandy Moore has a new movie (How to Deal), an upcoming album, and was recently Ashton Kutcher’s unwitting victim on Punk’d. ”I wasn’t angry, but more like, Wow, somebody really pulled one over on me!” the 19-year-old tells EW.com. ”I didn’t know whether to cry or what.” Read our complete interview at ew.com/mandymoore.



Will Ben Affleck (and fiancee-costar Jennifer Lopez) have a hit with the new Mob romance, Gigli? To find out, see EW writer Dave Karger’s box office preview every Friday at EW.com.


EW critic Owen Gleiberman says Bad Boys II ”proves that it’s possible to pack a movie with so much popcorn that it leaves the audience overdosed.” Do you agree? Tell us what you think at ew.com/moviereviews.


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