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The Deal Report

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MOVIES Tom Hanks, in cahoots with the mujahideen! His company just bought the rights to the new book Charlie Wilson’s War, and he wants to play the real-life Texas congressman who worked with the CIA to train Afghan freedom fighters in the struggle against the Soviet Union…. Taxi! Jimmy Fallon will play a detective and Queen Latifah the cabbie who chauffeurs him round town, while Barbershop boss Tim Story directs this remake of a French comedy…. Adam Sandler’s Happy Madison will produce a remake of Burt Reynolds’ 1974 The Longest Yard; alas, Sandler isn’t planning on playing the convict captain of a prison football team…. Vince Vaughn — last seen admirably holding his own against Will Ferrell in Old School — has joined Keanu Reeves, Tilda Swinton, and Vincent D’Onofrio in Thumbsucker, about a kid who can’t stop sucking his thumb…. Jamie Kennedy is attached to star in The Afterparty, a comedy about a guy who gets so wasted at his bachelor party that a movie’s worth of complications ensue…. Abandon Pictures reportedly plans to turn the comic strip Hagar the Horrible into a live-action feature; now option Beetle Bailey and Funky Winkerbean and let’s have us a trilogy!

TELEVISION James Brolin is Ronald to Judy Davis’ Nancy in CBS’ four-hour The Reagans…. Crazy old guys on the loose! Comics legend Stan Lee and Playboy guru Hugh Hefner are teaming up for — honest to goodness — Hef’s Superbunnies, a cartoon series about a hot team of Playmates who, led by Hef, fight bad guys…. Finally, in a deal that bodes well for the apocalypse, Rosanna Arquette (Having Babies II) is working with ABC Family on a sitcom loosely based on her life. We recommend Nicolas Cage for the role of the sulking movie-star ex-brother-in-law. Gregory Kirschling