EW Staff
August 01, 2003 AT 04:00 AM EDT

1. Seabiscuit isn’t the pony’s first film: Shirley Temple starred in 1949’s The Story of Seabiscuit, in which one of the real Seabiscuit’s sons reenacted his father’s races.

2. By 1940, the underhorse — cum — hall of famer had 33 wins, 16 track records, and $437,730 in purse money under his saddle.

3. The losingest horse in U.S. thoroughbred history was named Zippy Chippy. Zippy earned the ironic title in 1999 when he lost his 86th consecutive race.

4. Real-life-jockey fact: Gary Stevens’ face is so creased (handsome though he is) because jockeys drink very little water to keep at racing weight and often become dehydrated.

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