Jim Mullen
July 25, 2003 AT 04:00 AM EDT

1 JERRY SPRINGER The host of a popular TV freak show has filed to run for U.S. Senate in Ohio. Right now he’s asking the other candidates’ ex-girlfriends if they’ll debate.

2 ROBERT WAGNER The ’70s star is suing to get half the net profits of the Charlie’s Angels movies. Apparently he said ”good idea” once to producer Aaron Spelling.

3 DAVID DUCHOVNY The ex — X-Files star will spice up Carrie’s love life on Sex and the City. His pickup line: ”Are those extraterrestrial pants? ‘Cause they make your butt look outta this world!”

4 BEYONCE Some people say the sexy set she did on Grant’s Tomb was disrespectful of the dead. They’re right. What about Lincoln?

5 JOHNNY ENGLISH British comic Rowan ”Mr. Bean” Atkinson plays a bumbling spy who can’t get anything right. From the true story of the CIA in Iraq.

6 TOUR DE FRANCE American Lance Armstrong could win the grueling three-week-long bicycle race for a fifth straight time. One day he’ll be as famous here as David Beckham.

7 TARZAN The new WB series has the lovable jungle lunk finding his way into the mean streets of Manhattan. If you ask us, a rather long way to go for a P’zone.

8 JFK A pair of his 60-year-old boxers could get $500 at auction — and it’s worth it. Most men’s underwear falls apart after a mere 40 years.

9 SHARON OSBOURNE Ozzy’s wife is hosting a new chat show in which she can talk about real life. She was looking for a change from her MTV series.

10 METROSEXUALS The word for city-dwelling straight men who do ”gay” things like getting pedicures and drinking Manhattans. And bathing. And brushing their teeth…

Hasbro hocks celebrity-signed Simon games for charity: Simon


Hasbro hocks celebrity-signed Simon games for charity: Simon LeBon’s fetches $660, Simon Cowell’s $107.50

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