EW Staff
July 18, 2003 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Someone turn the air on! Between the rising temps outside and our insider’s guide to Sex and the City (#714, June 13), TV watchers had a hard time escaping the heat. ”It was a much-needed fix to see your cover with Sarah Jessica Parker in my mailbox,” cheers Brad Waggoner of Lexington, Ky. Comedy Central’s late-night newsman Jon Stewart basked in the warmth of reader adoration too. ”The Daily Show is must-see TV at my house,” attests Deborah Gilmore of Hixson, Tenn. ”Jon Stewart is the sexiest news anchor (fake or real) on the tube! Man, oh Manischewitz, we love you, Jon.” Also, sentiments over the completion of EW’s redesign veered from hot to bothered. ”The review sections are so much easier to read now,” raves Christopher Newswanger of Ephrata, Pa. But Indianapolis’ Bryan Ward counters, ”The redesigned review sections are boring. Revert to the old format so when I’m on the john I won’t fall asleep trying to find a DVD to rent.” Proof enough for us that change can be good for everyone.

‘Sex’ Appeal

I’d like to congratulate you on possibly the best issue of the past couple months. The Sex and the City article showed a side of the show that viewers and nonviewers have never seen before, and kudos to Dan Snierson for a great interview. The summer TV guide was really fabulous, and all the more reason to stay home at night. To top it off, you’ve provided a new style! The new design in the back of the magazine makes reading so much more fun, and easier! With this new layout, entertainment is even more entertaining! Way to go, EW, on a fabulous issue! JOHN QUERTERMOUS johnshuler@hotmail.com Murray, Ky.

Thanks for your great article on Sex and the City. I have loved this show for years and am sad this is the last season! I have one question, though. Your cover picture, while very pretty, made Sarah Jessica Parker look like she’s 20! This show — and in my opinion, SJP — has always been about being who and what you are. Doesn’t it seem a little contradictory to retouch her wrinkles? KIM SALVAGGIO kim.salvaggio@bbh-usa.com New York City

Women have had to wait A long time to get a show as great as Sex and the City. So while we appreciate EW’s support of the show, why would you feel a need to refer to the sophisticated actresses playing such complex roles as girls instead of women on your cover? DANIELLE KOLKER dkolker1969@yahoo.com Brooklyn

Design Language

I want to say how much I’m enjoying the total new look of EW. Two thumbs up, folks, for creating a magazine geared to the digital age for folks who in their hectic, fast-paced lives may only have time for their entertainment news in short but dazzling bursts. I simply love the new look. JO-ANN BURTON jenni_the_lionhearted@yahoo.com Manchester, Conn.

The new look, in a word: bleah. Everything is running together. By reducing the size of the headlines in the back section and coloring them off-red, you’ve turned the content into one long blur. I can’t pick anything out across a spread. I’m even turned off by What to Watch, and I love Dalton Ross! IDRIA BARONE KNECHT Bloomsbury, N.J.

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