Nisha Gopalan
July 11, 2003 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Over the past seven weeks, the ladies of UPN’s America’s Next Top Model have endured snakes, the French…and Janice Dickinson. The cosmetically extreme former model upstages host and fellow judge Tyra Banks with her astonishingly blunt criticisms. EW catwalks you through Dickinson’s more memorable remarks on the finalists, one of whom will be crowned Top Model on July 8.

*ELYSE The self-declared ”smart one” earns high marks from the judges, but her skeletal physique is the subject of much eating-disorder speculation. DICKINSIAN WISDOM ”That’s hearsay! She’s extremely thin — which is what a haute couture model needs.”

*ADRIANNE This Cinderella tomboy photographs like a dream, but the spell is broken once she opens her mouth to unleash a grating Chi-caah-go drawl. DICKINSIAN WISDOM [exaggeratedly contorting her lips] ”She has to take speech classes to work the mouuuuth thiiiing.”

*SHANNON The Heidi Klum look-alike’s high-wattage grin could scare a small child. DICKINSIAN WISDOM ”There’s so many teeth in her mouth. Maybe she should have a few removed.”

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