Jim Mullen
July 11, 2003 AT 04:00 AM EDT

1 THE SOPRANOS It will likely be ending after the sixth season. And to make sure, all the writers get whacked in the final episode.

2 LEGALLY BLONDE 2 Reese Witherspoon proves that even in mean old Washington you can get what you want by being nice. Right. It should be called The ”You Wish” Wing.

3 FILE SWAPPING The watchdog of the recording industry says it plans to file lawsuits — up to $150,000 per song — against hundreds of music file sharers. For not buying their price-fixed CDs?

4 DEMI MOORE She was escorted to the Charlie’s Angels 2 premiere by Bruce Willis and Ashton Kutcher. You don’t hear her whining that all the good men are married or gay.

5 LIL’ KIM About $250,000 of her bling-bling was stolen at an airport. She looked almost naked without it. Oh, yeah, she always looks almost naked.

6 DO-NOT-CALL REGISTRY Around 13 million people have already signed up to keep telemarketers from calling them. Now we need a system to keep relatives from calling us.

7 POP TOPS Some 3 million mini CDs of singer Rachel Farris will be embedded in the lids of movie-theater drinks. At least she’ll be famous for having to clean soda out of 3 million CD players.

8 MICHELLE WIE The 13-year-old can drive a golf ball almost 300 yards. Big deal. Some men can drive a golf cart almost 7,000 yards.

9 ALL-STAR GAME When die-hard baseball fans wax nostalgic about the good old days when the players were more like them — chubby beer drinkers who worked for next-to-minimum wage.

10 PREGNANT BLONDES From Reese to Goldie’s little girl, the flaxen-tressed are reproducing with alacrity. Everyone’s watching Gary Busey with a cautious eye — and lust.

GoodLife TV airing color Honeymooners not seen in 30-plus years


GoodLife TV airing color Honeymooners not seen in 30-plus years … The Bangles reunite — again

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