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A burning question about ''Sex'' answered

A burning question about ”Sex” answered — We fill you in on the TiVo’d show Miranda’s addicted to in a recent episode

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Cynthia Nixon, Sex and the City

Q On June 29’s ”Sex and the City,” Miranda was lusting for her TiVo’d episodes of BBC America’s ”Jules & Mimi.” When’s that on?

A It’s not — because it’s not real. But it may as well be, given the work the ”Sex” crew put into the bit of the Brit soap (inspired by the real U.K. drama ”Bob & Rose”) on Miranda’s TV. The clip required its own set, actors, logo, and TiVo screen listing. ”That was the first thing we filmed this season,” says executive producer Cindy Chupack, ”so for a day it felt like our entire crew was working on the British show ‘Jules & Mimi.”’ Note to BBC: Chupack and Co. may need jobs when ”Sex” ends in February.