Nancy Miller
July 01, 2003 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Cowriter Steve Bing (whose credits include impregnating Liz Hurley) applies the Energizer Bunny/Jack Nicholson formula to Kangaroo Jack: Sunglasses + sassy grin = funny! Especially combined with a rapping kangaroo. Charlie (O’Connell) and Louis (Anderson) are Brooklyn pals sent Down Under to run a $50,000 errand for Charlie’s mafioso stepdad (Christopher Walken), only to meet a certain marsupial who nabs the loot. High jinks, fart jokes, and Estella Warren’s boobs abound. EXTRAS ”Jack”-inspired dance lessons (not taught by Walken, unfortunately), plus a commentary by cast members who can’t seem to remember ”Jack.”

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