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Is Suge Knight behind bars again for good?

Is Suge Knight behind bars again for good? The rap mogul is arrested for a parole violation stemming from an alleged fight 10 days ago

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Marion Suge Knight
Marion Suge Knight: Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images/Newscom

Rap mogul Suge Knight is behind bars again, and it could be a long time before he gets back to running his label, Tha Row. The Los Angeles Times reports that he was arrested Friday in Los Angeles for violating his parole, his second such arrest since December. A spokesperson for the Los Angeles County Jail confirmed to EW.com that Knight was being held there without bail and said he had been arrested on orders from the California Department of Corrections. The Department told EW.com that the arrest stemmed from a Los Angeles police report alleging that Knight had scuffled with a parking attendant on June 21.

Knight’s lawyer, Robin Yanes, told EW.com, ”All we know is there’s some incident involving a parking lot,” adding that Knight was at a club called Papa’s on the night in question. He said the parole board had yet to inform his client of the specific charges against him. ”When you’re on parole, they can treat you that way. Last time, it was all just harassment, technical violations, bulls— things like that.”

According to the Department of Corrections, the parole board that will decide Knight’s fate won’t meet for another 30 to 45 days, so Knight will have to stew in jail for a while. If the parole violation charge sticks, he could be going back to prison for up to a year, depending on the ruling by the California Board of Prison Terms.

Knight’s been in this position before. It was another parole violation, a Las Vegas brawl that he and Tupac Shakur engaged in against some hometown rivals, just hours before Shakur was shot to death while riding in Knight’s car, that sent Knight back to prison from 1997 to 2001. Last December, Knight was arrested for another set of parole violations. After he spent 61 days in jail, all five charges were dropped except for the charge of associating with reputed gang members, which Knight said he did only during the course of business, with the consent of the parole board. On that count, Knight was sentenced to time served and ordered to perform 200 hours of anti-gang community service.